Feb 14, 2012

The Big Seven Exercises

This set of exercises involve the whole body and work a large group of muscles in conjunction with each other. They help to balance all over body strength, so that chest will for instance be as strong as the back. Another advantage of this is that increasing the overall muscle mass used in your exercises also increases the amount of good hormones released in the body. Performing these strength exercises each week will help you boost metabolism and increase lean muscle mass.

Another advantage to this is that you work the same plane of motion but in different directions, (Bench press followed by bent over row.) Horizontal push and pull, vertical push and pull, and the thigh muscles worked in the front and back, this helps develop muscle balances and prevent injury.

Here are the big seven:

  1. Bench Press; develops chest, front of shoulders and triceps.
  2. Bent-over Row; develops back of shoulders, back muscles and traps.
  3. Pull-ups; develops lats, back muscles, and biceps.
  4. Clean and press; works the shoulders, triceps and the whole body to a certain degree.
  5. Squat; develops the quads, glutes, the best lower body exercise. (Tones legs and bum.)
  6. Dead-lift; works the erector spinae of the lower back, the glutes, back muscles, and hamstrings and legs.
  7. Body weight dips; works the chest, triceps.

All of these exercises involve the core muscles, and all increase overall core-stability.

These seven exercises are good honest exercises that will help you to get stronger, and in better shape faster than any other exercises. (fiternet)


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