Sep 18, 2012

Mindi Smith Hottest Fitness Model (2)

This 27 year old just received IFBB Fitness Pro status and has measurements of 34-24-34 to make up one of the best bodies in the industry. The overall winner of the 2009 IFBB USA NAtionals Figure Championships and 2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro has a unique set of diverse skills that have landed her on shows including Entourage and Spike TV's MANswers. She was also in a commercial for AXE Body Spray, plus has been featured in several DVD's, and a ton of magazines and catalogs. She is a spokesmodel for Nutrigenix Nutrition, Designer Whey Protein, and ProSource/Supreme Protein, and is the host of LaMuscle.TV. Perhaps nothing is more sexier than the fact that she trains at the most hardcore gym in the country: Gold's Gym in Venice, Calif. You probably couldn't keep up.


  1. Pauline Nordin 
  2. Mindi Smith 
  3. Jennifer England 
  4. Dianna Dahlgren 
  5. Mary Castro 
  6. Jaquelyn Kay 
  7. Jennifer Nicole Lee


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