Sep 18, 2012

Top 7 Hottest Fitness Models (2012-2013)

While pretty much every fitness model doesn't make it into the industry unless they are hotter than the morning sun, we've ranked the hundreds of girls you or I will never get our hands on down to the top 7. Here are the top 7 hottest and sexiest female fitness models with the prettiest faces and the best bodies in the fitness industry, in order. Our criteria basically consists of face first, and then revolves around a perfect proportion of the proper curvatures and a skinny bitty itty waist. Not only do these girls have incredible looks, but they are fitness fiends and sports lovers which makes them that much sexier. A girl that has a waist half the size of yours, yet can bench as much as you is just ridiculously attractive.


  1. Pauline Nordin 
  2. Mindi Smith 
  3. Jennifer England 
  4. Dianna Dahlgren 
  5. Mary Castro 
  6. Jaquelyn Kay 
  7. Jennifer Nicole Lee


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