Jan 7, 2012

Adriana Lima Sexy Bikinis

Adriana Lima is stripping down and flaunting her bikini bod on the beaches of Turks and Caicos. In new behind-the-scenes video, the sexy model struts her stuff during the Victoria’s Secret Swim 2012 shoot with a few other Angels.

Adriana dishes about the upcoming swimsuit line, which is inspired by the Amazon. She models several bikinis that include animal prints and vibrant colors and advices women they can look just as beautiful in the new bikinis. “Even if you’re shy, trust me, don’t worry about it. Put on the suit — you’re going to look hot,” she says. Click the video above to watch the sexy VS shoot.

Earlier this year, Adriana shocked the world when she revealed her strict diet. The supermodel opened up to Nylon Magazine, telling them that about a month and a half before the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she works out twice a day, eating only lean protein and green vegetables with an occasional protein shake or cereal bar for a snack.

Then, nine days before the show she actually quits eating all together — by going on a liquid diet. Lima’s diet is then full of only protein shakes to keep her strong and lean. She then stops drinking even water — no liquids — for 12 hours until the moment she puts on those infamous wings and struts down the runway. (celebuzz)


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